Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's a Memory Keeper's Coach?

I been asked this question recently and actually I liked being asked this question because it became a conversation starter. As a direct marketer, I am always looking for conversation starters. In order to answer this question, we first define what a memory keeper is.

A memory keeper is a person to whom it is important to preserve their memories, either through journaling, scrapbooking, taking photos. A memory keeper's coach, is someone, like myself who helps a memory keeper with creative ways to preserve, document and/or display their most treasured memories.

I love what I do! Our treasured memories are invaluable, irreplaceable and typically our most prized possessions. It brings me great joy to sit with a client and their shoeboxes of photos and show them how they can share these gifts, gifts of time, gifts of ancestry, gifts of heritage, with family and friends. I recently helped an elderly woman publish the story of her ancestry, a pictorial history, not a family tree. She was so thrilled, so thankful, so gracious, when we finished that she wanted 11 more copies to give as gifts to her family this holiday season! Of course, I was happy for the orders, but I was able to share in a work of the heart with this client. I helped her record her family's history for future generations. When you are working with a project like this (family stories, history, treasured photographs), you want someone who is going to take the care and sensitivity as if it were their own.

That's what a memory keeper's coach does and that's what I am...

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