Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome Spring!

I love spring. It's almost like emerging from hibernation. I am referring to the hibernation of winter, staying in, not wanting to get out too much because of the cold etc. The only drawback to spring in NC is that my kids have horrible pollen allergies and it is wreaking havoc on them. However, the leaves begin to change colors, we get more daylight and the sun shine is beautiful, making for great photo opportunities. On top of that...business expansion!

I am really excited about the opportunities that become available for my Heritage Makers business in the spring. There are some great events scheduled for this spring and summer and I have the opportunity to meet some really amazing people. I do hope that you will keep up with the event schedule. There's a crop for the cure coming up at the end of this month. Keep your eyes open for those details!

So what's been going on? I know you think I gave up on the early riser thing. I didn't. I have kept it up, most days in fact, but it has had it's challenges. Mostly because I have had to get up to go to work and not for the reasons I originally set out to accomplish by the challenge. Nonetheless, I am getting up earlier.

I am also excited to say, that I am officially a chamber member!! This has been something I have considered for a while. If you live in an area where you have an active chamber, it can be a great thing for your business. However, if you join the chamber expecting that your business will grow because you are in the directory, and you don't attend any events or get involved, you will be disappointed. That was the biggest obstacle for me was making sure I could find the time to attend events. Juggling a full time J-O-B, a family, kid's events etc. Let's just say you don't want to add too much to your plate. At any rate, I am excited and look forward to meeting more fabulous people in my community!

Great news! The Waiting Child Project is moving forward! I am not sure if I have mentioned it here or not, but this is project that has been a passion of mine for a while now. Basically, it involves helping to put one of our Heritage Makers books into hand and heart of a children in foster care. I heard recently that when you put a child's face (picture) on something in your home, it increases their confidence. Wow...our books can make a difference.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So I attended the DSWA Elite Express Weekend last weekend, and WOW... and I am not referring to within one week. It was really a great experience! I learned so much about myself, about this industry, self-imposed limitations, about myself in this industry~oh I said that already didn't I? Anyway, I have a renewed sense of direction and purpose and I am just so excited about moving forward armed with these new information and revelations. That's the important thing. This week, I am making it a point to look at my business through a different set of lenses.

In all, there were fourteen of us enjoying this experience...onene more thing I really enjoy about this industry...I get to meet and share space with some truly amazing women that I might not otherwise have had the chance to meet. It is amazing to me how quickly you can touch someone's heart or change their frame of mind (or them for you). Women in business+working together+in support of each other=Power House!

On another note, while I didn't falter on my early to rise project, I didn't follow through on my morning to-dos. I guess that is to be expected when traveling or away from home. It becomes a little more of challenge to stick to the morning routine. So thumbs up for getting up early but room for improvement on keeping the routine in order.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arise!! Day 2

I thought that at the end of the day yesterday I would be completely wiped out. I wasn't any more tired than a normal day. We went through our normal routine and I was in bed by 10. I don't think I fell asleep before 11, also a no-no. If this new habit is going to stick, there can be no late nights. Eleven was my normal bed time so I am shooting for 10-10:30. I REALLY want this to stick.

So how did it go this morning? I hit the snooze button...but I didn't get back into bed. I went on to the bathroom and then I knelt down to pray. Soon the alarm went off again and I walked over and turned it off. I sorted some laundry, did my crunches and hopped into the shower. I was able to get a load in the washer before I left for work. This is also a new routine I am implementing, so the trick will be to remember to rotate it to the dryer when I get home and then fold them and put them away after dinner. Yeah...wish me luck.

Anyway, I remember walking to the car, not dragging wishing I could get another 30 minutes of rest, but feeling ready to take on the day~the power of prayer!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Becoming a Morning Person DAY 1

I recently came to the conclusion that I must begin my day earlier if I am going to accomplish the things I would like to accomplish each day. It's just so much harder trying to get things done after work. I am consumed with dinner, homework, bath time, story time~mom's you know the drill. Anyway, if I am fortunate enough to get the kids in bed on time, I sit down to catch my breath and gather my thoughts and that's a wrap! So, I came across a blog post recently (unfortunately as I write this I can't think of the name of the blog) and got inspired.

Yesterday, I moved the alarm clock across the room. When it went off this morning, I got up walked over and hit the snooze button (a no-no)! I knew it was wrong, and I guess that is why when I laid back down I just laid there. I didn't drift back to sleep. I was up 5 minutes later and began my morning routine baby steps. I did some calisthenics, jumped in the shower and got ready for work. I had 20 minutes of quiet time and enjoyed some praise and worship this morning.  I feel great!