Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Join Club HM

If you haven't heard by now, there's a new club in town. It's Club HM; the absolute best thing that Heritage Makers has done for it's storybookers! It's such an exciting change for clients and consultants that I had to blog about it. If you aren't yet a member of club, let me tell you why you need to join:

  9.  With free premier, you get unlimited photo storage for all your high resolution photos.
  8.  With free premier, you can upload and store both jpeg and png files.
  7.  With free premier, you have access to over 4500 professionally designed, customizable templates to create beautiful gifts and keepsakes of your favorite photos.
  6.  With free premier, you have your very own digital art premium outlet. That's over 50,000 pieces of art!
  5.  You have the option to purchase 100 points at 50% off when you sign up for Club HM.
  4.  Receive publishing discounts every month.
  3.  Enjoy a massive discount...up to 35% off your point purchases each month!
  2.  Community fun! Get deas and tips from our national Facebook HM Club Community.

AND ...

While there are many great reasons to join club. The most aggressive change that HM has made for our clients, is the ability to play while you play! Your club membership allows you to purchase a small amount of points each month (that you can bank for up to 2 years) while you work on your projects with full access to all templates and artwork. Then when you are ready to publish, you simply use the points in your account.

Still want more? Enjoy your local club community laptop/digi crops. These crops are a great way to spend time with friends, make new ones and get projects completed. There are door prizes, refreshments, and fun games for everyone. to your consultant and get signed up for club! Don't miss out...membership really does have it's benefits!

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