Friday, October 9, 2009

Beyond Blessed Wednesday~ oops Friday!

I have had such a busy week that I totally forgot to post on Wednesday! As I sit and look back on my week there are quite a few things that turned out to be blessings this week. A lot of times we things appear to go wrong, it sometimes turns out to be an opportunity for something more positive. I experienced this on Tuesday.

1. The first Tuesday of the month I host a crop for Memory Keepers and even though I had rsvps, no one showed up. What could have been a bust actually turned into an opportunity to speak with the manager of the establishment about collaborating on a promotion. So I am grateful for the gift of opportunity. There are opportunities everywhere, sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

2. Today I am really grateful for air conditioning! It's almost mid October and lately the temps have been fall-like. However, today it was quite hot.

3. Having just picked my kids up from school, on a Friday afternoon...I am reminded of how grateful I am for quiet time.

4. Vanilla Lattes. I was bummed to discover that my most favorite coffee house will be closing next week. The location is perfect. The atmosphere is perfect. The wifi is free and has no time limit and lastly they have the BEST lattes in town!

5. I am also grateful for family gatherings. We will be attending a family reunion this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing everyone that we haven't seen since the last reunion and the fun of playing games and let me not forget the food! Lots of photo opportunities this weekend.

What are you grateful for this week? Here's an idea: how about creating a layout around your 5 most favorite things.

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