Saturday, November 12, 2011

Missed Opportunities

I can't believe it. I am always ready to talk about Heritage Makers but this time I had an opportunity and I missed it. I am still kicking myself for it and this was Monday! On one hand, every time I go to this place there is hardly anyone else waiting and the few who are, are glued to their computers or books. They look as though they really don't want to engage. So when I jumped out the car with my son and without my bag, I decided that I wouldn't go back for it because there wouldn't be anyone to share HM with anyway.

Low and behold...I walked in and soon there were 3 women there and then there were 4 women!! They were in two separate groups, chit-chatting amongst themselves, engaged and appearing to enjoy one another's company. If I had a catalog, business cards, or sample, this would have been a great opportunity to share my business and invite them to a class. But I didn't have anything. I was unprepared.

Lesson learned. How many of us run out the door to dash into the grocery store in sweats, a pony tail and no make up and realize we could have had an opportunity to talk with someone but didn't approach them because we looked like we just stepped off the treadmill? Maybe they would have been interested, maybe not~but Wayne Gretsky said, "you'll miss 100% of the shots that you never take." Always, always, be prepared to share what you do.

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