Monday, January 23, 2012

Becoming a Morning Person DAY 1

I recently came to the conclusion that I must begin my day earlier if I am going to accomplish the things I would like to accomplish each day. It's just so much harder trying to get things done after work. I am consumed with dinner, homework, bath time, story time~mom's you know the drill. Anyway, if I am fortunate enough to get the kids in bed on time, I sit down to catch my breath and gather my thoughts and that's a wrap! So, I came across a blog post recently (unfortunately as I write this I can't think of the name of the blog) and got inspired.

Yesterday, I moved the alarm clock across the room. When it went off this morning, I got up walked over and hit the snooze button (a no-no)! I knew it was wrong, and I guess that is why when I laid back down I just laid there. I didn't drift back to sleep. I was up 5 minutes later and began my morning routine baby steps. I did some calisthenics, jumped in the shower and got ready for work. I had 20 minutes of quiet time and enjoyed some praise and worship this morning.  I feel great!

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