Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arise!! Day 2

I thought that at the end of the day yesterday I would be completely wiped out. I wasn't any more tired than a normal day. We went through our normal routine and I was in bed by 10. I don't think I fell asleep before 11, also a no-no. If this new habit is going to stick, there can be no late nights. Eleven was my normal bed time so I am shooting for 10-10:30. I REALLY want this to stick.

So how did it go this morning? I hit the snooze button...but I didn't get back into bed. I went on to the bathroom and then I knelt down to pray. Soon the alarm went off again and I walked over and turned it off. I sorted some laundry, did my crunches and hopped into the shower. I was able to get a load in the washer before I left for work. This is also a new routine I am implementing, so the trick will be to remember to rotate it to the dryer when I get home and then fold them and put them away after dinner. Yeah...wish me luck.

Anyway, I remember walking to the car, not dragging wishing I could get another 30 minutes of rest, but feeling ready to take on the day~the power of prayer!

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