Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So I attended the DSWA Elite Express Weekend last weekend, and WOW... and I am not referring to within one week. It was really a great experience! I learned so much about myself, about this industry, self-imposed limitations, about myself in this industry~oh I said that already didn't I? Anyway, I have a renewed sense of direction and purpose and I am just so excited about moving forward armed with these new information and revelations. That's the important thing. This week, I am making it a point to look at my business through a different set of lenses.

In all, there were fourteen of us enjoying this experience...onene more thing I really enjoy about this industry...I get to meet and share space with some truly amazing women that I might not otherwise have had the chance to meet. It is amazing to me how quickly you can touch someone's heart or change their frame of mind (or them for you). Women in business+working together+in support of each other=Power House!

On another note, while I didn't falter on my early to rise project, I didn't follow through on my morning to-dos. I guess that is to be expected when traveling or away from home. It becomes a little more of challenge to stick to the morning routine. So thumbs up for getting up early but room for improvement on keeping the routine in order.

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