Saturday, September 5, 2009

Soundtrack of My Life

Okay, so I left you all hanging in my last post regarding my soundtrack. I really love music. I don't play an instrument, but always wished I could play the piano and the saxophone. I just love the poetry in music. It doesn't matter the genre, if I feel it, I feel it.

So, I am always looking for a creative way to incorporate journaling into my scrapbook pages. So I ran across this challenge of creating a layout about some of my favorite songs. It was hard because I have so many "favorite songs." So when I celebrated the 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday, I created a playlist of the songs that resonated with me at that time in my life. I can't share the layout with you just yet, because I was still doing traditional pages then but it's time for an update, so when it's finished I will upload it to share.

Anyway, here is the playlist:
Pass Me Over by Anthony Hamilton
I Belong to Me by Jessica Simpson
Fallen by Sarah McLachlan
Good Times by Edie Brickell
Have a Little Faith In Me by Chaka Khan
If I Could by Regina Belle
Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
Sunny Skies by Teena Marie
Drops of Jupiter by Train
Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood
To Love Again by Gordon Chambers
Feeling Good by Nina Simone
You Found Me by The Fray

So, here's my challenge to you...create your own playlist, whether you do a layout with it or not. Think about music that has spoken to you, defined a moment in your life or maybe even got you through something. Your playlist should almost describe the essence of you, what's important to you or lessons you have gleaned. When writing/journaling is hard for you, lyrics to some favorites may just be all that you need to say what you want to say.

Yolanda~The Memory Keeper's Coach

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