Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Doesn't Break Us

Makes us stronger. At least that's how I think the old saying goes. Like many people, the last 12 months have been trying times and I believe that there is a lesson we are supposed to learn or personal or even spiritual growth to be attained out of each trial. I was reminded of that when I listened to this James Morrison song today. Now, I am sure I have heard it before, since it is on my ipod, but today I listened to it.

"...Oh we're a little closer to finding out what life's about; Yeah I know you just can't stand it when things don't go your way, but we've got no control over what happens anyway; If it's going to be a rainy day, there's nothing we can do to make it change; We can pray for sunny weather, but that won't stop the rain..."

I think I am going to have to add this to my soundtrack vol. 2 Check it out, he really has an amazing voice.

Yolanda~The Memory Keeper's Coach

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